Excellent consultation! Incredibly informative and kind personality allowed me to feel comfortable asking all questions.

Christian was extremely helpful, explained the results very clearly with suggested solutions such that we left having learned what the challenges are and solutions to achieve a positive learning experience.

very helpful!

It was wonderful to meet with Dr Ambler. Thank you for the time. We will be following up soon.

Very helpful in pointing out the next step. What is best for our child- not pushing their own counseling.

Very helpful, honest, professional advice. We appreciated the time he took to address all of our questions. 

Would highly recommend to others if they are looking for this type of service in future.

It was a wonderful consultation. Our concerns were heard and understood. Our questions were answered. We were able to come away with an understanding of what our next steps are. We look forward to proceeding in the assessment for our child in the near future with Dr. Ambler.

Dr. Ambler’s insight about my son"s medical condition coupled with his keen eye supports his observations/process adjustments to support my child as he is being assessed. Very thorough. Was adept at creating an easy, quick rapport with my child, which helped to put him at ease. Thank you.

Just had one appointment with Dr Ambler and already had more insight into our daughter. Thank you. 

Pleasant, easy scheduling, gave me some excellent professional information. Thank you.

Very flexible. Great interactive listening!

Our son said Dr. Ambler was the nicest person he's worked with so far and said he would be happy to see Dr. Ambler again.

Very flexible and friendly

Dr. Ambler is thorough, kind and takes the time to explain and answer questions. I was late for the appointment and he was very flexible and accommodating.

Dr. Ambler is kind, thoughtful and easy to work with.

Thank you for taking so much time to answer my questions.

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